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    Stargate SG-1: Red Sky

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Fire your gun by Florent llamas 1920x841]


    Fire your gun by Florent llamas 1920x841]

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    WASTELAND BEAUTIFUL - TloU Remastered's new 'Photo-Mode' 

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    Booker: But what is she? Alive or dead?
    Robert Lutece: Why do you ask "what?"
    Rosalind Lutece: When the delicious question is "when?"
    Robert Lutece: The only difference between past and present...
    Rosalind Lutece: ...is semantics.
    Robert Lutece: Lives, lived, will live.
    Rosalind Lutece: Dies, died, will die.
    Robert Lutece: If we could perceive time as it truly was...
    Rosalind Lutece: What reason would grammar professors have to get out of bed?
    Robert Lutece: Like us all, Lady Comstock exists across time...
    Rosalind Lutece: She is both alive and dead.
    Robert Lutece: She perceives being both.
    Rosalind Lutece: She finds this condition...disagreeable.
    Robert Lutece: Perception without comprehension...
    Rosalind Lutece: ...Is a dangerous combination.
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    The Tomato Model

    The model for what marijuana legalisation should look like is already out there. It’s tomatoes. More tomatoes are grown in Britain by home gardeners than are produced commercially. Yet there is a robust commercial market for tomatoes and tomato products of all types: canned, vine-ripened, organic, sauces, soups, ketchup, etc. At the same time, small-scale speciality cultivators so well selling their produce at farmers’ markets, and home gardeners with extra tomatoes share the bounty with neighbours as gifts, in trade, or through informal sales. Marijuana could be handled in the same way. Commercial growers can thrive side-by-side with home and speciality cultivators.

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    #Halo #Cortana #Xbox #Gaming

    #Halo #Cortana #Xbox #Gaming

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Grub Killer


    Grub Killer

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Props to Rick for being super observant #TheWalkingDead


    Props to Rick for being super observant

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